Accommodation recommendations near the Dental Experts clinic

Located semi-centrally, in a district representative for the history of Timișoara, the Elisabetin district, the Dental Experts clinic is in the immediate vicinity of some prestigious hotels in Timișoara.

La Residenza

Positioned very close to the center of Timișoara, Villa La Residenza is an intimate place, but which feels every vibration of the city and transmits the message of this beautiful location to the guests. With a select interior, inspired by Tuscany and attention to detail, anyone who steps on the threshold of the Residence is spoiled.

Perla Hotel

Hotel Perla Timișoara easily ranks among the top hotels in Timișoara, especially thanks to over 25 years of experience in the field. Offering services to European standards and adapted to the latest requirements in the hotel field, through the 3 distinct accommodation units, it is a perfect choice for any type of stay.

Reghina Blue Hotel

With all facilities included, Hotel Reghina Blue is a modern space in a quiet and secluded area, just a 5-minute walk from the clinic and a stroll away from the center. You can relax on the terrace and by the pool in the quiet garden, so that in the evening you can return to the comfort of a 4-star room.

The city’s gastronomic map

A melange of culinary art

As examples of good taste and a suitable lunch or dinner, we recommend some of the most prestigious restaurants in Timișoara. Focusing on several areas in Europe or even around the world, our suggestions for a culinary adventure combine the most refined but also the simplest tastes. Each restaurant is located in an important area of ​​Timișoara, so that the architecture and charm of the place contribute even to the simple experience of a dinner with something special.

A gastronomic journey at your fingertips

Close to the center, part of the Del Corso group, Argentinian Stakehouse welcomes gourmands, offering them the opportunity to discover South American beef specialties and not only that. As part of the same concept, we recommend Locanda Del Corso, a restaurant with Italian and Mediterranean specialties, located in one of the unmissable spots in the city: Unirii Square.


In ​​Piața Traian neighbourhood, with an impressive architecture, there is another recommended restaurant, Restaurant Merlot. Here you can taste Mediterranean-inspired dishes, mainly French and Italian. Not far from Locanda, you can look at Timișoara from above at the Sky Restaurant, where the two senses, taste and sight, are fully satisfied.


We go towards the Elisabetin neighbourhood, with houses specific to the city, where the Homemade restaurant is located. Decorated in a bohemian style, in a chic apartment, with an avant-garde ambiance of Vienna or Paris, the menu offered by this restaurant is an experience in itself.

Live the turn of the century experience

For a truly unique experience, you can go a little further from Timișoara to reach Roca Brună, in Arad County. A tastefully furnished, elegant mansion from the turn of the century, Roca Brună welcomes you to a magical hilly landscape, in the vineyards of ​​Arad county. Dishes cooked by specialists and menus selected together with the best-known chefs in Romania await you.

You can also discover hidden places with the help of local guides specialized in the history of the city. The website is just one of the best ideas to explore this city full of history and story. 

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