Dental tourism

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From the point of departure to the destination, at the hands of our trusted partners.


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The professionalism of our team guarantees services at premium standards.

Dental tourism

Dental treatment and leisure, two reasons to invest your free time effectively.

All necessary services in one place

From transportation to treatment, we help you take all the necessary steps with the least effort.

A specialist dental treatment is in the hands of a team of dedicated and skilled doctors. We are proud to deal with the most difficult challenges from our patients with professionalism, and we enjoy this through the thousands of patients who cross the threshold of our clinic every year. The level of training of our medical experts and the facilities of our clinic are our calling card, the most important things that prompt patients to continue to choose us.

The values ​​and principles are the foundation stone on which the career of the Bratu family has been built for more than 50 years in dentistry and 80 years experience in medicine. For over 12 years in the same format, with the same team, Dental Experts is one of the most prestigious dental clinics in Romania.

We are the only accredited clinic, in Central and Eastern Europe, for the realization of REX ultrasound implant systems, following significant investments and obtaining special certifications by our doctors. The equipment at the clinic is state-of-the-art because this is the only way we can perform the entire spectrum of dental services, from radiography and radiodiagnosis, implantology and guided maxillofacial surgery, dental technique and prosthetics, orthodontics and endodontics, professional whitening and dental aesthetics, to implants with fixation in 24 hours.

In our clinic, we work with the following types of implants: Straumann premium implant, Zimmer trabecular metal implant, Bredent implant, REX implant, MIS implant, Dentis implant.

What is dental tourism?

Dental tourism represents the possibility of having a dental treatment, along with that of visiting the city where we are. We offer the dental tourism service to patients who are not in Timișoara but want to collaborate with Dental Experts for a treatment.

This service is addressed both to patients from abroad and to people living in other cities in Romania. Any detail, question or information can be obtained by contacting us by phone or email. The staff of the clinic and our doctors are prepared to receive patients from abroad, of other nationalities, being speakers of at least one language of international circulation (English, French, Italian, Spanish, German).

A comprehensive dental service and good coffee in a cultural city

With us, full service means the best service. So, if you have chosen to combine the need for dental treatment with the opportunity to travel, we offer you the opportunity to explore Timișoara, a diverse and lively city.

As a guide in this experience, Dental Experts comes to meet you, in addition to dental services, with recommendations on tourism, what you can do in Timișoara and its surroundings, what to visit, what are the best places to accommodation, restaurants where you would love to have dinner or breakfast and any other cultural or leisure activities.

History and architecture in

And because Timișoara has won the title of Cultural Capital 2023, you will also want to explore the artistic dimension of the city. We invite you to start with the Art Museum. Located in one of the most eye-catching buildings in Piața Unirii, the Baroque Palace, the Art Museum includes a unique collection of works and personal objects of the painter Corneliu Baba, while 3 other sections include collections of contemporary, decorative, and European art. Another interesting museum, which recalls a not very happy period in Romania’s history, but which can trigger nostalgia for many of us: the Communist Consumer Museum. The Banat Museum also houses artefacts, heritage items and items of historical figures, and in addition to these, there are art spaces that regularly hold temporary exhibitions of contemporary art and more.

Real portals in time and space, Timisoara has a lot of hidden spaces that are like precious stones lost in the sand. All you must do is let yourself be carried away by intuition, but also by some tips and online reviews.